The Driffield & Wolds U3A.
April Meeting May Meeting June Meeting
 Date: 12th April.
Subject: Photographing Every Day
Venue: Community Centre.
Presenters: Ernie Howard
 Date: 10th May.
Subject: David Hockney .
Venue: Community Centre.
Speaker: Rose Horspool.
 Date: 14th June.
Subject: Annual General Meeting.
Venue:  Community Centre.
Speaker: Chairman.
Driffield & Wolds U3A. Getting Together and Sharing Mutual Interests.
  • Driffield & Wolds U3A News:

    Chairmans Statement January. 2018

    Following recent changes to our constitution, including the name change to our U3A, and a subsequent request from the Third Age Trust regarding the wording of our objectives at the heading of the constitution, all of which require our membership approval,
    I am calling for an extraordinary general meeting.
    This meeting, at which the changes will be explained, will be held following the monthly general meeting on February 8th. I do not expect this to take long but it is necessary and I trust that as many of you as possible will attend.
    Expected Agenda.

    Change of title.
    Changes to the Constitution (as adopted from the Third Age Trust's model constitution).
    Wording of the objectives of our U3A (as per instructions received from the Third Age Trust).
    Financial Policy Dec 2017.(following advice recently received from The Third Age Trust).

    This agenda will be finalised and made available to all activity convenors, the website and publicised generally within the next week.

    Local History Group

    There is now a vacancy for a Group Leader or Leaders as the present Leader is standing down in June 2018. Anyone who is interested in taking over this position please forward your name to the Secretary or a Committee member.

    All Things French

    Please note This group will be changing venue for their next meeting. This change will facilitate a better learning environment as appropriate DVDs, CDs and educational books will be available.

    We will meet at No 51, Taylors Field on 23rd February.

    Theatre Group

    At our most recent meeting on 10th January those present reviewed the play programmes of local theatres and decided to attend productions in the Lund Village Hall. The programme of plays can be seen on the Lund Village Hall website. Anyone wishing to attend and needing transport please contact either Janet or Phil Dunn - Tel No. 538518.

    Mah Jong - New Group

    We have started a new Group for Mah Jong. This is a table game played with 144 tiles and the aim of the game is to collect sets of these tiles and declare 'Mah Jong'. This is an easily learned game, very sociable, very enjoyable. If you are interested please telephone Susan Adamson, 01377 270429 Group Leader

    Our New U3A Name

    As from Friday 01st December 2017.
    The committee proposed a name change for our U3A. The present name of Wolds Branch U3A was incorrect as we are not a branch but an Autonomous U3A.
    The membership out of the 2 proposals ((a) Driffield & Wolds and (b) Wolds & Driffield) chose the name 'Driffield & Wolds U3A'. This was the first step in updating and revising our constitution which continues by the Group going to register as a charity and the new name will also identify our location and area.

    Monthly Meetings

    THE CHRISTMAS PARTY At the Christmas Party members were asked to share their favourite Christmas memories or family traditions. Numbers attending were slightly down but we were thoroughly entertained by the range of personal contributions people came up with.  Tony Fouracres motorbike story with the twist at the end of it was a performance that will live in the memory for a long time!  We then enjoyed some communal carol singing followed by socialising with mince pies and drinks.  Thank you to everyone to who contributed to making it such an enjoyable afternoon.  Toby Carrick

    The Humber Accord. The Humber Accord is an informal association of several U3As in the East Riding of Yorkshire including Beverley, Cottingham, Hessle, South & North Cave, Swanland, Hornsea, Hull, Howden & District, AWAKE (Anlaby, Willerby & Kirk Ella) and the Driffield & Wolds U3A where members may join an interest group of another U3A in the Accord, provided that the interest group has room for more members. HUMBER ACCORD GUIDELINES.

  • Walking Group Holiday Update

    Following the information circulated 'see below' I would add the following.
    The booking for The Cairngorms is held until the end of this month and deposits will be required by the end of February.
    All other offers can only be held for a few days and some costings should be viewed as provisional,
    (First indications seem to be that the Cairngorms Is the preferred option.)

    I would be grateful if interested members could respond ASAP so that we can finalise this Holiday.

    Regards, Phil Dunn.

    September Holiday Walking Group

    Following the meeting on 27th November and subsequent attempts it has been almost impossible to book anything in Llandudno. Apparently travel companies book two years ahead for popular resort destinations!
    To date we have been offered 2 venues that would meet our needs and details are as follows;

    1). Monday to Friday. starting on 17th September. at the Duke of Gordon Hotel, Kingussie, in the Cairngorms.
    Price per person £189. For double and twin rooms. The same price holds for 4 single rooms, any extra singles would have a surcharge of £8 p.p.p.n. (we currently need 5 singles ).

    2). Sunday to Wednesday starting on 16th September. at the Celtic Royal Hotel, Caernarfon.
    Price per person £250. Double and twin rooms.
    £327 per person for the first 4 singles and £366 thereafter.

    I have just had a late offer of 4 nights starting on 6th September. for the Somerset Hotel, Llandudno at approx. £280 per person For double and twin rooms, the same price holding for the first 4 singles. They have not quoted for further singles but I would imagine this would add a further £40 at least. (I have not yet checked out this late offer).

    All the above include for all coach travel and half board. Currently there are 37 confirmed places booked in 21 rooms. Any further bookings must be advised to me ASAP and they may have to be placed on a waiting list.
    You can also contact me on or on 01377 538518.
    To advise of your preference regarding the above offers.
    Regards, Phil.

    Preliminary booking information required as follows, (book early to avoid disappointment?).

    Names with room requirement, eg single, twin or double.
    Any special dietary or other requirements.
    Please note, there will be a meeting early March to collect names and non-refundable deposits.
    As at 3rd December.31 places have been reserved and likely costings will be announced as soon as possible.
    Phil Dunn

    YAHR News

    YAHR Events

    5th February Social Media Workshop
    Doncaster, Trades. Led by Margaret Fiddes
    Flyer available on website

    13th February National Workshop several topics Leeds. For details see National website via Events/Workshops

    22nd March Creative Writing York,Priory Centre. The national subject advisor Marcia Humphries will be leading. Her Creative Writing Newsletter is on our website - see Events page.

    2nd May AGM and Development Meeting
    York, Priory Centre “Succession Planning”

    14th May Industrial Archeology of Bradford
    Bradford Club, Bradford City Centre

    This is a synopsis of Events and News and more detail can be found on our Notice Board in the Main Hall at the Monthly meetings or on the YAHR websites.